Conference Theme

This workshop aims to bring together researchers that have an active interest in the development and application of text analytics tools in the broad context of cyber security. We welcome research papers on text analytics and text mining approaches that (1) help reduce the exposure to harmful content on the Internet, (2) detect illegal online activities and (3) monitor user-generated content in the context of real-life threats. We are confident this workshop will allow for fruitful discussions on technological advances, privacy issues, data acquisition methods and other common goals and challenges that researchers face when deploying language technology tools for cybersecurity applications.

The workshop will start with an invited talk (unconfirmed: Anna Vartapetiance of the Surrey Centre for Cyber Security (University of Surrey)), followed by oral presentations. Depending on the number and quality of submissions, the final session can take the form of a panel discussion on the important issue of privacy in the context of text analytics for cybersecurity purposes.